CIU111 – Social Media and Your Career

Hello, and welcome to my last blog post for CIU111!

This week our topic of discussion and lecture material was ‘Social Media and Your Career’. Looking at a number of concepts and ideas to aid in setting up your own social media on a number of platforms, this week’s material also examined ways in which you can more effectively reach, and engage your audience. The coursework also provided some techniques to aid in defining what you’re trying to gain, or get back, from your social media presence and how it can have a positive impact for you professionally.

(Why Are We On Facebook?, n.d.)

The way I have tended to use social media from a personal perspective, has always leaned towards the consumption, and discussion of content. However I have always been fairly passive when it comes to writing my own posts, or sharing content that I have created.
Since I have started this course, I have realised the importance of starting to roll out my own social media in order to help promote my work. I have also started to research and follow other artist’s social media presence, while beginning to involve myself in online communities based on my potential work in the animation field, such as and

I came across a DIY Social Media Plan, during my research into this week’s topic. Provided by Arts Access Australia, the plan poses a number of questions relating to topics examining the curation, creation and maintenance of your social media. A copy of the plan is located at and I found it to be a helpful guide when it comes to planning my own social media presence.
(Arts Access Australia, n.d.)

It has become more apparent throughout the reading of this week’s coursework, that if, as an artist, you’re not taking advantage of the resources or opportunities that can be created by employing a strong social media presence, then you are only hurting your career. (Zimmerman, 2014)

There appears to be some very common sense themes running through most of the material I have read on the subject. Some simple tips include:

  • Have a plan – It might seem obvious, but well defined goals will help get your social media working for you.
  • Define your brand identity – Having a clear identity linking your social media platforms and your overall marketing, and can give potential customers a strong sense of your business goals and work.
  • Manage your social media presence – It is important to make sure that you are able to manage your social media platforms comfortably, and that there is a consistency of message and information across the board.
  • Publish regular and relevant content – Content can take the form of a wide range of media created by you, or it can be content created by someone else that you are sharing. It is important to have a good balance of both.
  • Cultivate and engage with your online community – If you are able to engage with your audience, and interact with them, on top of providing them well curated content, they will feel more invested in your brand, and your community of potential customers will continue to grow.
  • Make the most of analytics – There are many single or multi-platform analytics tools available for use with the major social media platforms. These can provide useful data such as what types or topics of content your audience is finding most engaging, what time of day is most popular for viewing your content, what nationality your audience is, and many others. This data can help you better curate your content in the future.
    (Catlett, 2014)

I also found this video from Wacom, featuring some art industry professionals, very insightful with it’s handy tips and tricks regarding their social media use.

(Wacom, 2014)

I found this weeks course material to be extremely valuable and well timed. As I mentioned earlier, setting up a solid social media platform is something that has been on my radar lately, and so it was good to be able to get some more structure and thought behind my planning.
This knowledge, combined with what we learned about networking a few weeks ago, will be invaluable to my career moving forward and I look forward to putting it into effect!


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